The Achievement Circle recognizes contributions valued at $1,000 and above. All of our contributors are critical to helping us keep kids in school and on the path to graduation. We sincerely thank you for giving our students the gift of a better future.


Bob and Wendy Babare
Costco Wholesale
CHI Franciscan Foundation
Safeco Insurance Foundation
Chuck and Charli Meacham
Deborah Krishnadasan
Del and Lee Deide
Dr. Justin and Jill Piasecki
Eric and Bradie Kvinsland, DDS
Gottfried & Mary Fuchs
Jeff and Kate Katke
Joan Mitton
John McGraw
HOA Community Solutions, LLC
Kristin & Tod Undem
Lori Ann & Brian Reeder
Pierce County Human Services
Roy Humphreys
Scott Silver and Holly MacDonald
The Russell Family Foundation GFR
United Way of Pierce County
Woodworth Family Foundation

Up to $1000.00

Ivaly & Scott Alexander
Kindra & Aaron Amidon
Robert Anderson
Sandy and Dennis Beachler
Larry and Karen Beck
Berry Nicholas
Jack and Cindy Bujacich
Brian Buskirk
Lonna and Napolean Calas
Michelle Caldier
Michaela & Kurt Carlson
John and Sharon Ciccarelli
Yorleny Clapper
Liz Cordera
Scott Cornelius
Martin and Tammy Croissant
Jane Duea
Karen & Jonathan Fairall
Anna Frier
Cindy and Dicky Furtado
Gary and Linda Glein
Dan & Lori Glover
Janet Gratzer
Cherie Griffith
Bruce Hadaway
Josie Hansen
Jeff and Marcia Harris
Roxanne and Mike Helling
Mike Hodder
David and Ingrid Hopkins
Roy Humphreys
Peter & Dawn Huysing
Art Jarvis
Marlyn and Jim Jensen
Christopher Jones
Kip and Nancy Kalbrener
White Karenanne
Carol Kelleher
Don Klemme
Melanie Knox & Janet Gratzer
Pat & Paul Kunzl
Jon Kvinsland
Pat Lapp
Bob Love
Ann Lovrovich
Robin and John Malich
Rick and Ben Mattson
Jon and Corrine Maurins
Rob and Rosemarie Milroy
Dean Moergeli
Marla & Paul Morgan
Surface Renew
Sarah Neilson
Nordstrom Foundation
Island View Grocery LLC
Marta O’Neal
Richard Paynton
Charlie Powers
Cynthia Reed
Cathy Rich
Andrew Ritting
Ron and JoAnn Roberts
John Ross and Alyssa Wolfe
Todd and Kim Schock-Rosenbach
Patricia & Curt Scott
Doug Letts & Elle Scott-Letts
Walt and Janice Smith
Pam Peterson
Cheryl Spry
Carli & Jeremy Tachell
Avery and Tim and Andy Toerber
Lara Unger
John & Barbara Vukas
Jenny Wellman
Erin Witte
Tamra Woodman