CISP helps Student Pass Exam to Graduate

Claudia was an English Language Learner (ELL) student at Peninsula High School, who failed the math component of the test she needed to pass in order to graduate. She was given the opportunity to retake the exam and put in touch with Communities In Schools of Peninsula (CISP).

It was already April, and Claudia was fearful and defeated. She was introduced to the CISP Site Coordinator, Dana Haley and CISP Mentor, Margaret Buchanan both at Peninsula High School.

Claudia’s family spoke Spanish at home. With a lot of hard work, Claudia achieved enough knowledge of the English vocabulary to pass the language component of the exam. However, the addition of the math vocabulary became another obstacle because the new words were difficult to understand.

Claudia did not have easy access to a computer at the time, and because text books are becoming scarce in today’s online environment she was at a disadvantage from the beginning. The CISP office had recently refurbished a couple computers and they were able to donate one to Claudia. She was so excited when it was delivered to her. Now armed with the tools to succeed from CISP, Claudia went on to pass her exam! Best of all: Claudia now has her high school diploma and a wonderful future ahead of her.